Quack quack quack quack

This past year since my daughter was born has been wild, frustrating, beautiful, tiring, and mind-blowing to say the least. And in four short months, I will be a mom again — this time to a son.

Before everything in my life is split to pieces once again, and this first year as a mom becomes a  distant blur, I want to write.

How will my blog be different? I’m not quite sure yet, but I do know that every mom and child’s experience is uniquely theirs, and most of parenting is making it up as you go — or taking bits and pieces of what’s out there and making it your own. I will start by writing about some of the breakthroughs, or hacks, that I personally learned as a mom. I hope that these posts can be helpful to other moms. After that, we’ll see where this goes.

Thanks for reading.






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